In my “Noah, Preparer of the Ark” book I write that Noah was “a preacher of righteousness,” in accordance with 2 Peter 2:5. 

Using this verse in 2 Peter in “Chapter 6: Noah Preacher of Righteousness” I also meld the 17 works of the flesh and nine fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:19-23).

Thus I write that Noah fictitiously preached four righteous attributes of matrimony, celibacy, monogamy and heterosexuality. I also write that Noah fictitiously preached five other righteous virtues of sobriety, Deity, civility, polity and gentility.

So here is what Noah, beginning on page 94, fictitiously preached:

“I preached to them the righteousness of matrimony. I told them that one man should marry one wife. I said one woman should marry one husband. One man is sufficient for one woman. One woman is sufficient for one man. Anything other than this natural God-intended, man and woman marital relationship produces emotional and psychological complications, resulting in personal, familial and societal problems. 

“I preached to them the righteousness of celibacy. I told them that sex is sacred. Sex is to be cherished. Sex is the most beautiful, the most profound, and the most intimate physical and emotional expression of love ever to be shared between man and woman. I said unmarried young people should not have sex until marriage. Sexual abstinence simplifies life. Sexual abstinent couples would have a more enjoyable sex life after they get married, for they would have no shame or regret from their pre-married life. Married young of age, middle-aged and of old age will discover that having sex throughout the entirety of their marriage is quite fulfilling. If a man loses his wife or if a wife loses her husband, they should refrain from having sex until if or after re-marriage. 

“I preached to them the righteousness of monogamy. I told them after they marry, they should enjoy sex with their spouse and refrain from having sex with no one else. I said recreating and entering into and regularly exiting from relationships with frequent regularity was bad. Relationships initiated on friendship is good. From friendship, relationships should be built on love, be about sacrifice, and be based on commitment. Relationships should not be solely built on feelings, be about lust, and based on sex. I asked them when men have sex with many women and when women have sex with many men, how can there be personal, parental, familial and societal serenity and stability? Having unbridled and uncontrolled sex between and among others was ungodly, unholy; plus physically, emotionally and mentally unhealthy.

“I preached to them the righteousness of heterosexuality. I told them that God created man in His own image. I said God created him in the image of God. Male and female created He them. God told men and women to be fruitful and multiply. God created sex to create the male gender and God created sex to create the female gender. God also created sex for godly marriage to be enjoyed between God created man and God made woman. Sex in Godly marriage is an act of worshipping Almighty God. Sex in Godly marriage that is worshipful, that is based on love, that is based on heartfelt tenderness, genuine fondness and intimate affection is very good. That kind of sex is holy. That kind of sex is great! But self-sex, same-sex, adults with boys-sex, adults with girls-sex and people with animal-sex is unhealthy, unnatural, unholy and ungodly. I reiterated that adult-sex with newborns, infants, babies, toddlers and children is cruel, depraved, evil and wrong.

“I preached to them the righteousness of sobriety. I told them that gulping alcoholic drink and guzzling brewed grape from the vine to get drunk with the intent of violently forcing oneself sexually on another is cruel, depraved, evil and wrong. I said imbibing fermented drink, inhaling mind-altering vapor, or ingesting mind-hallucinating plant juices is fruitless, self destructive and solves nothing. Intoxication and inebriation resulting in intended hallucination does not empower one to cope, or enable one to escape, nor equip one to endure — the ups and downs and the ebbs and flows and the peaks and valleys of life. It does quite the opposite. There is no satisfaction, just disorientation, dissatisfaction, and endless attempts of trying to achieve satisfaction. Drinking, smoking and ingesting drugs increases alcoholic and chemical dependence entangles life, endangers life, exacerbates life and early ends life. 

“I preached to them the righteousness of Deity. I told them that there is only one all-powerful, one all-knowing, and one all-existing God. I said He is the One, True, Living God; for the Lord God He is God. There is no other. They did not have to look at themselves or look within themselves as god. They did not have to fashion wood, stone, bronze and iron gods. They did not have to patronize, placate or please these lifeless gods. They definitely did not have to slash, stab, singe anyone — be they young of age, middle-aged or of old age — as a sacrifice to these evil demons which are behind these gods. All they had to do was look up, set their affection on, request the attention of, pray to and worship the Lord God, for He is Almighty God. 

“I preached to them the righteousness of civility. I told them that they should be swift to hear, slow to speak, and slow to wrath. I said the wrath of man does not work the righteousness of God. The wrath of man only produces discord, dissension and destructiveness, which is anti-God. If someone speaks ill of them, they should season their words with salt, that they may know how they should answer every man. If someone angers them, they should not retaliate against them with ferocious barbarity by murdering with hand, fist, knife, sword or spear. If someone disrespects or offends them, they should exercise self-control, which is far better than quarreling, arguing and fighting. I reiterated that murder is cruel, depraved, evil and wrong.

“I preached to them the righteousness of polity. I told them that there must be law and order, not unlawfulness and disorder. I said order is derived by government. Governance engenders societal order. Governance should be based on legislating just laws, adjudicating fairly, rendering impartial justice and meting fair punishment. Governance executed by the power of the government is based from higher powers. We must be subject unto higher powers that are ordained by God. For there is no power but of God, and the powers that be are ordained by Almighty God. Otherwise there is mob rule and anarchy, which is anti-God.

“I preached to them the righteousness of gentility. I told them to show love and compassion. I said be joyful over the blessings of a family member, friend, acquaintance or neighbor. Be peaceful, patient, gentle and good. Be kind unto anyone. They should not speak evil of no one. They should avoid quarreling and show meekness to everyone. A soft answer turns away wrath. But grievous words stir up anger. Godly wisdom is pure, peaceable and reasonable. Godly wisdom is full of mercy, impartial and without hypocrisy. I noted that civilized societies would have problems mandating and enforcing gentility. But if people, by their own volition, expressed love, exuded joy and peace, exhibited longsuffering, gentleness and goodness, expressed faith and meekness and exercised temperance, there would be societal gentility.”

—End Book Excerpt—

Addressing societal conditions head-on we must share, teach and preach the importance of matrimony, celibacy, monogamy, heterosexuality, sobriety, Deity, civility, polity and gentility. 

Noah boldly preached righteousness, and so must we.