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Noah, Preparer of the Ark

Noah, Preparer of the Ark is a book about Noah, written from the perspective of the man who built the 450-foot-long, 37-foot-tall, and 75-foot-wide ark. Noah, Preparer of the Ark recounts the creation story, reveals how sin began, reports the wickedness Noah saw and restates why the Lord chose Noah to save his sons, spare his wife, and preserve his sons’ wives. Noah, Preparer of the Ark also reveals how Noah and his family may have built the largest ship that had ever been designed, assembled and constructed. Noah preached righteousness to whom and what did he preach? How did seven pairs of male and female fowls, seven pairs of male and female clean beasts, and two pairs of male and female unclean beasts may have entered into, existed within and exited from the ark? Noah, Preparer of the Ark will answer those questions. After reading this book readers will come away with learning how Noah and his seven-member family could have prepared for, survived within, and emerged from the ark.

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Audio Book – Story of Rich Man and Lazarus

This “Story of Rich Man and Lazarus: Hell and Heaven Described in Their Own Words” book is about the lives of a rich man and a homeless man and what happened to them in eternity after their respective deaths. This first-person account is based on “a certain rich man” and “a certain beggar named Lazarus” story, which Jesus Christ shared with His disciples in the Holy Bible’s Gospel of Luke (16:19-31).

In Chapter 1, I describe how the rich man, “A Certain Rich Man,” dressed, what he owned, who he socialized with, where he socialized, how he recreated, where he recreated, how his life was centered around himself, his sins, how he rejected the LORD and how he died. In Chapter 2, I describe how Lazarus, “A Certain Homeless Man,” dressed, how he survived as a homeless man on the street, his poor choices, how a miraculous incident which caused Lazarus to finally rededicate his life to Jesus Christ and how he died. In Chapter 3, I describe what the “Tormented Sinner” saw, what he feels/experiences in hell and the unspeakable agonies he suffers there, such as being separated from God’s presence. In Chapter 4, I describe what the “Comforted Saint” saw, what he feels/experiences in Heaven and the indescribable peace he experiences there, such as being warmed by God’s presence.

This book is a story sharing with readers where not to go (hell) after death, where to go (Heaven) after dying, and how to get there (salvation through Jesus Christ).

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Judas, Betrayer of Jesus

Judas, Betrayer of Jesus is a book about Judas Iscariot, written from the perspective of the man who betrayed Jesus the Christ. The first chapter theorizes on why Judas betrayed Jesus. The second chapter focuses on how Judas betrayed Jesus. The third chapter shares with readers his regret for plus damnable consequences of betraying Jesus. Many can learn about the man whose name, according to the third chapter, “will be vilified, be identified with deceit, and be associated with betrayal.”

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Lucifer, Enemy of God

Lucifer, Enemy of God is a book about the Old Testament, written from this authors perspective. In the beginning there was God, there is God, and there will always be, God. But you have an enemy. God wants you to know him. Your enemy was known as Lucifer. Devolved into an evil demonic despot, Lucifer is now known as Satan. He became an enemy of God, and all that is created by and belongs to God. Lucifer, Enemy of God explains why Satan hates you. Learn about his involvement in human affairs. Understand how he and his demons operate. Know that the Lord Most High loves you. Rejoice that God sent His only begotten Son Jesus to die for you. Appreciate and acknowledge that God sent the Holy Spirit to lead, counsel and guide you. Lucifer, Enemy of God is an Old Testament overview of and introduction to Spectators of JESUS the CHRIST, a book which represents a new and innovative genre of Bible literature whereby the author writes about Jesus from the perspective of 26 people who were directly or indirectly involved with and impacted by Jesus.

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