Spectators of Jesus the Christ


In this “Seven Crucifixion Statements of Jesus the Christ” chapter, I am a spectator reporting/narrating about and reflecting upon Jesus hanging, bleeding, suffering and dying on the cross for our sin. This 37:06 chapter summarizes Jesus’ life and synopsizes the “Spectators of Jesus the Christ” 500-page paperback, more than 400-page ebook and 15 hour/one minute audiobook.

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“Story of Rich Man and Lazarus” is an excellent book that conveys to us the urgency for us to be saved through Jesus Christ. It is clear —in the rawness of his writings which details the immoral corruption of the rich man— that we as fallen humans desperately need the Savior. Ronald F. Owens Jr. surpassed his creative literary work with his passion for the lost. The Holy Spirit anointed him with the ability to describe the fiendish fiery abyss of hell, and the magnificent majestic throne of Heaven. He brings home that urgency of salvation through Jesus Christ. I pray that many may be saved through his book.

– Ludi Agcaoili Landeza

Kaneohe, Hawaii

Spectators of Jesus the Christ
“Read from cover to cover. Your life will never be the same again.”

– Evangelist Alveda C. King

The “Story of Rich Man and Lazarus” is a great book that explains the truth about the Luke 16:19-31 story. Ronald has a great ability to make the Word of God real and relevant. Young people should get a real understanding of this truth from the Word of God.

– Woody Colter
Camden, Tennessee

Wow!!! There are so many words that came to mind as I read this book. I was drawn in from the start. I literally saw the stories play out in my mind as I read. I nearly teared up reading the heartbreaking stories of both the “Story of the Rich Man and Lazarus,” albeit for different reasons. The Rich Man’s pain and anger drove him away from God, while Lazarus’ pain and anger eventually drove him back to the Father. Ronald brings these two men to life in a way that causes the reader to get into their minds. The ramification for rejecting Jesus and His gift of salvation and the eternal rewards is dire and everlasting. The blessings of repentance and faith in Jesus are out of this world! I love how he wove his family’s testimony into Lazarus’ story. He rightly ended the book with a pleading to unbelievers to repent and follow Jesus. Anyone who ignores, scoffs, mocks, or dismisses the realities of Heaven and hell after reading this book might be a reprobate.

– Tanya Green
Washington D.C.

“Story of Rich Man and Lazarus” is a wonderfully written book! It takes a red-lettered Jesus story and gives it a modern twist! It’s a scary reminder that I do not want to go to hell, and I will never wish anyone there! I cried when Lazarus was redeemed. I also cried at the description of his homecoming in Heaven! I recommend this book —for the saved and unsaved!

– Janet Manor
Marquette, Kansas

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About Ronald

Ronald F. Owens Jr. accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and personal savior in 1968 when he was 11 years old.

He believes that the Holy Bible is the inerrant Word of God. He believes that Jesus Christ is the Son of God who was born, lived and died on the cross for our sins and sicknesses to reconcile us to God. He believes that Jesus Christ rose from the dead, ascended to Heaven and imparted the Holy Spirit to help us all live as Christians. He believes in justification, redemption, confession, salvation, reconciliation, sanctification, transformation and glorification.

Owens earned an Associate of Arts degree in social science from Sacramento City College and a Bachelor of Arts degree in government/journalism from California State University, Sacramento. He also studied the Holy Bible at Fuller Theological Seminary, Northern California (Sacramento) Campus.

Owens is a communications professional who has tenured more than 30 years of writing experience. While working at his job by day he has rewritten portions of the Bible in newspaper format (called The Testament Spectator) at night, during the early morning hours, and on the weekend. He has studied the Holy Bible in the State of Israel three times and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan twice. His pilgrimages to the Holy Land have also augmented his writing.

Owens lives near Sacramento, California with his father, Ronald F. Owens.


“Story of Rich Man and Lazarus” is a powerful real life account of good, evil, free will and faith. Readers will see in this book that there is something much more powerful guiding our lives and something extremely powerful sweeping us into sin. It’s loaded with descriptions of “human temptation” and how partaking in sinful activities can lead a person on a path of destruction. This book is also packed full of stories where God/Jesus sends others to give us the inspiration to turn our lives over to Jesus and reject sin. We choose to live eternally in Heaven or hell.

– Florence Arquitt
Charlottesville, Virginia

Travel back in time with a modern day, first-person recollection of Biblical patriarch, Noah. As sin abounds, you’ll learn how Noah personally listens to God and toils to build the ark, saving his family and humanity. “Noah, Preparer of the Ark” is a fresh look at the age old problem of sin, the importance of obedience and God’s everlasting promise to His people.

– Robin Harvey-Young
Terre Haute, Indiana

If there’s a modern day novella about the story of the 12 disciples, “Judas, Betrayer of Jesus” is that book. This is a must read book that’s full of twists and turns. In my 25 years of reading books, this definitely threw a curve ball at me. Get “Judas, Betrayer of Jesus.”

– Peter Lopez
Winter Park, Florida

I just purchased “Spectators of Jesus the Christ” and “Noah, Preparer of the Ark” and cannot wait to start reading! I am so intrigued by the first-person perspective in which this author writes, and am expecting new revelation just by walking in each character’s shoes. Bring it on, LORD!

– Reese McKinley
Redding, California

Author Ronald F. Owens Jr.’s unique perspective in illuminating Scripture captures your mind and compels you to read on and further search out the iconic stories in the Word of God. His books are a must have in every Christians book collection.

– Lonnie Poindexter
Washington D.C.

Your latest book is a page turner and to the point. “Story of Rich Man and Lazarus” addresses the reality of the day in which we are now living.

– Jerry Colter, Pastor
Camden, Tennessee

The Testament Spectator

Throughout the years I have rewritten about ten percent of the Holy Bible in newspaper format. I titled this publication, The Testament Spectator, which birthed me writing books about Bible people published in their own words. You are more than welcome to download any or all of these Testament Spectator editions at no cost.

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Jesus said in John 12:32 “And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me.”

This is “Lift Him Up With Ronald F. Owens Jr.” podcast, and I am an author whose books and Bible newspapers represent a new and innovative genre of Christian literature.

I will discuss the Bible, opinions and current events.

Thank you for joining me as we “Lift Him Up!”

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